Monthly Archives: June 2021

POPIA Compliance- The Consumer Perspective

With the POPIA compliance deadline around the corner, businesses in South Africa are gearing up to ensure that they comply with all the regulations around the protection of your personal data. But, do South Africans really understand the rights and regulations around the use of their personal data? With regards to our consumer data, a […]

Your ISP must now report you for pirating movies and TV series.

Under the Cybercrimes Act, which President Cyril Ramaphosa signed into law on Tuesday, Internet service providers (ISPs) in South Africa must now report their clients if they commit any cybercrime using their networks. This includes unlawfully downloading copyrighted content, according to Fatima Kader, a director in Cliffe Dekker Hofmeyr’s technology, media and telecommunications practice. Kader previously […]

Serious penalties for businesses who are not POPIA compliant

Since the POPIA compliance deadline is looming around the corner, many businesses are gearing up to ensure that their business are compliant with the regulations within the POPIA act. The deadline for businesses to be compliant is 1 July 2021. Do businesses really know the risks and implications if they do not meet the standards […]