5 things that could boost your Wi-Fi signal

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Here at Infraplex we know how important it is to get the most out of your Wi-Fi signal strength and reach.
By implementing some of these things you can boost your WIFI signal to optimize your connectivity.
Update your router firmware
Router manufacturers are frequently making small tweaks to firmware to get better performance out of the available technology. Your router might just need an update to increase the performance, just press the firmware upgrade button in your advanced settings as the new routers have the updating process built into the administration interface.
Achieve optimal router placement
The matter of the fact is where you place your router can affect your wireless coverage. Instead of placing it completely out of sight and far away your ideal location would be to place it central in your home to create even signal coverage across the whole house. Ideally, routers should be placed in open spaces away from walls and obstructions.
Check your frequency
Ensure that your network frequency is set to the band of 5GHz (where available) under the Wi-Fi setting. This will improve internet performance and help to avoid interference from other local wireless networks.
Change your frequency channel
Signals from other wireless networks can impact your internet speed, not to mention some cordless phones, microwaves and other electronic devices. Most routers will choose the channel for you, but if neighboring wireless networks are also using the same channel, then you will encounter signal congestion. Make sure the channel chosen by the router is the less congested one.
Control quality
Quality of Service (QoS) tools help to optimize the amount of bandwidth that individual apps use. Set your QoS to prioritize the apps you determine most important. This can be done under advanced settings in the network administrator.
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