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The development of WhatsApp “view once” messages

According to WABetaInfo, WhatsApp is developing a “view once” feature for messages that would let users send content that will be quickly destroyed after being read. The capability will be useful for sending sensitive or confidential information. The message cannot be forwarded or copied, just as the view-once photos and movies on the messaging platform. […]

These WhatsApp messages may land group administrators and businesses in South Africa in legal hot water.

Companies and WhatsApp group administrators may occasionally be held liable for libelous content posted online by staff members and group members. However, this can’t absolve the original publisher of liability, claims Phetheni Nkuna, director of employment law at Cliffe Dekker Hofmeyr. Nkuna was asked by MyBroadband about internet libelous statements and how they affect employers. […]

How WhatsApp’s new message editing feature will work

More information regarding the functionality of the popular chat platform’s planned message editing capability has been made available in a new update to the WhatsApp beta for Android. Users will have 15 minutes to edit their message, according to a feature preview in the most recent Android beta (version, according to WABetaInfo. If a […]

Cyber criminals eye South African SMEs lack of security

Small businesses in South Africa, according to Steve Flynn, Sales and Marketing Director of ESET South Africa, are particularly susceptible to cyberattacks. Why? Business owners frequently suffer severe financial repercussions because they fail to take the appropriate security measures for their digital assets. SMEs appear hesitant to take the same digital preventative steps to secure […]

Launch of the Android to iOS migration by WhatsApp

According to a recent announcement from the mobile instant messaging app WhatsApp, Android users can now transfer their data to iPhone. This follows Mark Zuckerberg’s 14 June announcement that more devices would soon be able to use the feature. Your account information, profile picture, individual chats, group chats, chat history, media, and settings will all […]

Websites can recognize Chrome Extensions that have been installed and track users using them.

z0ccc, a security-focused web developer, has designed a web application that demonstrates how other websites track users’ Internet activities using Chrome extensions they have installed. “Extension Fingerprints” determines which Chrome extensions a user has installed and generates a unique tracking hash for each of them. “Chrome extensions may be recognized by retrieving their web-accessible resources,” […]

Telkom raises mobile, fibre and DSL prices

Price increases have been announced by Telkom South Africa for fixed-line phone and broadband prices, as well as various mobile tariffs and services. The price increases will take effect on August 1, 2022.

Five reasons why your business needs Wi-Fi 6

There’s no denying that Internet access has profoundly impacted our lives. Businesses have experienced remarkable increase in how their teams use the internet to do work, market themselves, and interact cross-functionally over the last 20 years. As internet users’ reliance and need on wireless access grows, Wi-Fi technology will become more important. The History of […]

WhatsApp security changes are in the works

According to WABetaInfo, WhatsApp may soon require users to input a second verification code when logging in on a new device. Users will soon be required to enter two distinct delayed codes when signing into WhatsApp on new devices, in addition to a six-digit verification code. WhatsApp will display the following message when logging in […]

Disney+ launching in South Africa and 41 other countries

The Walt Disney Company has stated that its streaming service, Disney+, will launch this winter in South Africa and 41 other countries (between 21 June and 22 September 2022). South Africans will have access to Disney+ original material as well as a large library of episodes and films from companies including Marvel, Star Wars, National […]