Big ADSL shutdown in South Africa

Openserve has warned that it will shut down its ADSL offering in areas where fibre connectivity is available from 1 September.

In a letter sent to ISPs which was subsequently forwarded to affected customers, Openserve said that in areas where Openserve Fibre Connect (OFC) was already available, all DSL and copper services would be disconnected.

The company said this move was part of its continued drive to upgrade services to next-generation technologies and reduce infrastructure duplication.

Openserve said this would assist the network in enhancing the levels of service to ISPs and customers.

“We will be upgrading all copper broadband services to fibre broadband services in areas where Openserve Fibre Connect (OFC) is already available,” Openserve told ISPs.

“To this end, we will therefore also be discontinuing all existing DSL and Openserve Copper Connect (OCC) services in these areas.”

“All DSL/OCC services earmarked for discontinuance are in the fibre footprint and may be successfully migrated to OFC,” the network said.

Migrating ADSL customers to fibre

The network requested the assistance of ISPs to help migrate customers from older technologies to fibre, noting that the standard cancellation and ordering processes would apply.

It confirmed that any ADSL and copper customers in the affected areas would be disconnected from 1 September 2020 onwards.

“Consideration will be given in cases where an OFC has been ordered but not installed yet,” Openserve said.

The network added that all fibre installations for DSL services that are migrated will be free.

“Openserve assures you of our intention to carry out our broadband network infrastructure upgrade with the least amount of disruption to your customers,” the company told ISPs.

“We remain confident that the Openserve modernisation programme will benefit your business and your customers in the long run.”

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