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Cyber criminals eye South African SMEs lack of security

Small businesses in South Africa, according to Steve Flynn, Sales and Marketing Director of ESET South Africa, are particularly susceptible to cyberattacks. Why? Business owners frequently suffer severe financial repercussions because they fail to take the appropriate security measures for their digital assets. SMEs appear hesitant to take the same digital preventative steps to secure […]

Telkom raises mobile, fibre and DSL prices

Price increases have been announced by Telkom South Africa for fixed-line phone and broadband prices, as well as various mobile tariffs and services. The price increases will take effect on August 1, 2022.

Five reasons why your business needs Wi-Fi 6

There’s no denying that Internet access has profoundly impacted our lives. Businesses have experienced remarkable increase in how their teams use the internet to do work, market themselves, and interact cross-functionally over the last 20 years. As internet users’ reliance and need on wireless access grows, Wi-Fi technology will become more important. The History of […]

Infraplex Partners with Openserve to expand coverage.

Infraplex is excited to announce our partnership with Openserve. Openserve has vast and extensive coverage all over South Africa, especially in Gauteng, where Infraplex focuses its connectivity reach. As more employees are starting to work from home during the height of the COVID-19-induced national lockdown, there was increased uptake of fibre services to meet their […]

3CX for Your Business

Easy Installation & Management Are you looking for a modern, feature-rich communication system without all the hassle? With 3CX there is no need to worry about complex and laborious management and installation. It’s quick and easy to deploy, configure and manage users. Installation & Configuration is straightforward with 3CX: Pre-configured templates for easy integration with […]

Microsoft wants you to choose their new default font – goodbye Calibri.

Microsoft’s Design Team is asking typographophiles to vote for a new default font for Office 365. The team commissioned designers to make 5 new choices: Tenorite, Bierstadt, Skeena, Seaford, and Grandview. The classic Times New Roman is not an option, and hasn’t been the default since 2007. It is out with the old, and in […]

Infraplex has partnered with Metrofibre.

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Infraplex and TT Connect have partnered to connect Gauteng.

Over the past few months demand for connectivity has increased significantly while business implement “work from home” strategies and more consumers seek entertainment online. Infraplex’s objective is to meet some of this demand and connect as many South Africans as possible though a quality service and premium support. “Infraplex is seeking to establish strategic partnerships […]

Infraplex and Link Africa have joined forces to connect Gauteng.

Access to fast and reliable connectivity makes it possible for millions of South Africans to work from home, while making it easier to share critical information and allowing learners to continue studying at home during COVID – 19 as it is affecting attendance. “Infraplex is seeking to establish strategic partnerships with FNO (Fibre Network operators) […]