With the future in mind, Infraplex has positioned itself to provide comprehensive technical solutions to our clients to cater for all-inclusive service needs. With the telecommunications industry constantly evolving we know how important it is to not only cater to all your needs, but to bring you quality and reliability. Our diverse product catalogue caters for connectivity, communication, security, and support needs. Infraplex provides connectivity, data, voice and a host of related value-added ICT services. Our network design and Managed services allows us to connect customers just about anywhere in South Africa and offer world class service we are proud of and passionate about.

As a service provider we understand that the most important need you have is high speed, reliable and stable connectivity, that is why we have a dedicated technical support team to ensure your connection is our first priority. Infraplex has always kept a keen eye on innovation in the market place, and has continued to remain at the forefront of technology, an example of this can be seen in both our connectivity platforms, comprehensive security and compliance packages, VoIP/Hosted PBX platforms and managed IT services we use, giving our clients the very best bundled services available today.

Duncan Gilliland
CEO / Founder

Laralee Aldridge
Project Manager/ Head of Finance