What is APN?

An APN or Access Point Name is a point of connectivity between the mobile network and an external IP network. A basic entry point to a network from a SIM–based devices such as mobile phones, tablets, SIM equipped routers and IoT devices.

An APN (Access Point Name) is a gateway between a GPRS (or 3G, etc.) mobile network and another computer network, frequently the public internet.
It is a unique identifier that allows a connection to the network and identifies the data access services associated with your account. The APN is the exit point from the 3G or GPRS network into either the public internet or a private customer gateway. Corporate APNs are uniquely defined by an APN name, a Mobile Network Code and a Mobile Country code.

APN Solutions from Internet Solutions provides fast, secure connectivity from mobile devices to the network you choose – your private company intranet, the Internet, or both.



Online admin management system to manage all users’ usage and limits

User-friendly interface with Corporate Cost Center management

Reporting functions with notification management

SIM Suspension and activation function

Shared data bundle across network providers


Hard provisioned security

Management and control

Operational efficiencies

Cost effectiveness

Location Based Services for SIM location

Alerts when SIM is moved to new device

Our pricing options

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Block Hours
A tried and tested method of contracting IT services. Infraplex can assess how many critical of hours your environment requires. Hours not used in one month can be carried forward. Infraplex will regularly assess the requirements to ensure you’re paying just the right amount.

APN Services

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