What is LTE connectivity?

Long Term Evolution or LTE, as it’s commonly called, refers to the 4G technology or 4th generation wireless broadband standard. It’s a communication standard for data terminals, mobile devices, and smartphones.

The LTE standard is a superior, high-speed, high-security wireless cellular network. Plus it’s highly reliable, provided that a good LTE signal is available. It has a rapid connection and higher bandwidth, it’s especially recommended for heavy applications that rely on fast speeds. LTE is the fastest wireless technology for mobile devices and smart phones and for good reason. The fact that it uses radio waves instead of microwaves, unlike 3G and WiMAX, gives it a better penetration and wider coverage that also extends to remote areas.



LTE characteristics

Voice and very high capacity data, mobile communication with fast handover across the network.


Low latency with excellent resilience, built-in quality of service, low power consumption and exceptional spectrum efficiency.

IT Responsive Support

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Wider Coverage:

Wider coverage: Compared to fibre; you’re more likely to find your areas covered with a mobile network thanks to coverage towers over the country. Unfortunately, fibre coverage is limited in South Africa for now as the option continues to roll out in areas. Wider coverage of LTE gives you the option of having an internet connection at home and even on the go at like places like work or the gym. Don’t forget to check your coverage with us.


Economically viable: While we love the idea of having a fixed internet solution that gives us all, we sometimes must consider our budgets. An LTE deal can offer you a more affordable option depending on your usage or data plan.

Faster than DSL or ADSL:

If you currently have a fixed internet line, it’s more than likely a DSL or ADSL line to your home. If you’re looking for alternatives/improvements and fibre isn’t available; LTE is certainly a lucrative option for users needing better speeds. You get speeds up to 50Mbps on LTE and unlike ADSL, you don’t pay for an upgrade on your line-speed.

Our pricing options

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LTE Packages

LTE packages available, chat to a sales consultant to check your feasibility and offer you the best packages available in your area.