What is Co Location?

Co location is the practice of housing privately-owned servers and networking equipment in a third-party data center. Instead of the in-house scenario where servers live within a room or a section of an organization’s own business infrastructure, there is the option to “co-locate” equipment by renting space in a co location data center (also known as a third-party data center).

Co locating servers and networking operations within data centre environments provide clients with the widest choice of connectivity, the highest level of guaranteed uptime, stringent security and optimal operating conditions. Within data centres, all cabinet locations are engineered with direct access to a cable distribution system which supports interconnection at any speed. Built to the highest specifications according to global best practices; co location data centre services are ideal for businesses to safeguard their data and establish solid business continuity plans.

Co Location


Improved Uptime

On-premises data solutions don’t always have the best track record for uptime reliability due to their lack of efficient power and cooling infrastructure. They also usually lack the sophisticated analytics that make modern data centers so energy efficient. Considering that system downtime is so damaging to an organization’s bottom line and reputation, it’s no wonder that many companies are turning to the more reliable infrastructure of a quality co location facility.

Security and Compliance

Maintaining data security is one of the most important goals for today’s companies. Apart from the legal and ethical obligations to safeguard customer data, they also have strong business incentives for protecting their proprietary data from competitors. Co location data centers implement state-of-the-art security precautions that are simply beyond the capability of many private data solutions. These hardened facilities incorporate multiple security checkpoints and sophisticated logical security measures like biometric scanners to ensure that only authorized visitors can physically access critical data assets.


Flexible Scalability

With a co location provider, a company can establish service terms that allow it to scale services as needed. After the data center relocation is completed, a co location facility can accommodate changing customer needs. If a new application is being launched, a company could provision additional rack space in the data center along with the power and cooling needed to operate them. Should that application not perform as expected, it would be a relatively simple matter to scale services back to previous levels. This flexibility allows co location customers to make long-term plans without the risk of having to make substantial capital investments.


With multiple network services, and cloud platforms to choose from, co location customers can easily build the network infrastructure that meets their specific needs. Thanks to cross-connections and hybrid/multi-cloud architecture, companies can fully optimize their workloads for improved speed and functionality. Co location facilities offer easy connections to leading providers through an exchange marketplace, allowing their customers to consider a variety of options when crafting their data center migration checklist.

Our pricing options

We have a few pricing options to suit any size company

Co location Services

Free setup and Installation.

R2000.00 per U space within our Racks. Dependant on your business requirements and the possible scalabality required to meet your data centre needs, Infraplex will customise a solution to host your servers.