What DSTV services do we offer?

Inffraplex  offers a fibre-based signal distribution system for DStv customers living in estates, complexes, or free standing homes. The solution will use a centralised satellite dish, which distributes the signal into individual homes using a fibre network. The service is compatible with Explora and single-view HD decoders, and users’ Explora decoders will be able to make use of Catch Up Plus and Showmax – as they are also connected to the Internet. Also note that this DSTV Converter system does not impact on the data download speeds of your fibre network.

Infraplex offers the Converter as a service, all DSTV decoders and subscriptions are at the discretion of the consumer.




1’s, 10’s, 100’s, 1000’s or 10 000’s of individual homes or apartments on various parts of estates or gated communities can be connected to the Fibre network.

Plug & Play

Fully compatible with existing Satellite and Digital Terrestrial decoders. A fibre terminating device is installed in each unit/room that is interoperable with DStv decoders.


Fibre is future ready and capable of handling High Definition (HD) broadcasts, services, Ultra HD, 3D and Interactive services plus internet data.


 Cost Effective

All satellite, terrestrial TV , Internet and Radio broadcast services can be distributed to every connected home, room or TV point, from a central headend over a single fibre cable up to 5km.

Energy Saving

Low power consumption and passive optical network.


A single fibre replaces any number of copper based coaxial cables to the Home or in the risers of apartment buildings.

Our pricing options

DSTV Converter Installation

R2958.00 for a DSTV Converter Installation.