What is access control?

The purpose of access control is to grant entrance to a building or office only to those who are authorized to be there.

Yes, they want to control who passes through their doors, but they also want a way to monitor and manage access. Keys have now passed the baton to computer-based electronic access control systems that provide quick, convenient access to authorized persons while denying access to unauthorised ones.

Access Control


Access Authority

Access Authority rules determine security specifications for who can access and when they can access your business. Access authority levels can be configured for every badge-holding individual. This is done by ranking organisation locations based on the level of authority required to gain access. Once this step is complete, user badges can be configured to authorise users certain access authorities.

In addition to defining which doors can be opened by each badge holder, badges can also be configured to initiate and expire access authorisation on specific dates and times

Easy of Employee Access.

An access control system allows you to “set and forget” who has access to each area of your business. Once you give the authorization, an employee can access all the areas they need to get their jobs done. With the scan of a key card or input of a PIN, the employee can get to wherever they need with ease.

Keeping track of who comes and goes.

An access control system gives you data on who enters and exits a building or room and when. You can ensure people are working when they are supposed to be. If theft or an accident occurs, you know exactly who accessed a specific area at the time of the incident.


Saving you money and time.

With access control security, you save money on locks and security personnel. An access control system can verify a person’s identity without the need for a security guard.

Protecting your business

A large company creates an opportunity for visitors to go undetected. One of the benefits of using access control systems is that unauthorized people cannot get in. Since doors need credentials before they unlock, only those you’ve given credentials to can access the area. With this system, you can be sure everyone in your building is supposed to be there, whether you know them or not.

Create a safe working environment

Access control systems let trusted individuals inside and keep others out. You have the freedom to do background checks and keep out anyone without the right credentials.

Also, access control systems can keep your employees safe in the case of an emergency. Doors with lock-and-key mechanisms remain locked, which can be unsafe when a fire or other emergency requires a swift escape. Through the use of fail safe locks, doors unlock when the power cuts out, so all people can exit a building without the need to fumble for their keys.

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