What is cloud web security?

The responsibility for securing the workloads and data you place in the cloud firmly lies with you and your business. Just as you need to secure the data stored in your on premise networks, the same applies to your cloud environment.

While the public cloud solves many traditional IT resourcing challenges, it does introduce new headaches.

The secret to effective cyber security in the cloud is improving your overall security posture: ensuring you architecture is secure and configured correctly, that you have the necessary visibility into your architecture, and importantly, into who is accessing it.

Cloud Web Security

Complete Cloud Security Posture Management
Sophos Cloud Optix provides a complete picture of cloud resources across multi- cloud environments. Monitoring costs, detecting insecure configurations and deployments, access anomalies, over-privileged IAM roles, and compliance failures from development to the ongoing security of live services.
Identify and Respond to Threats Faster
Focus on and fix your most critical security vulnerabilities before they are identified and exploited in cyberattacks. By identifying and risk-profiling security, compliance, and cloud spend risks, Cloud Optix ensures teams respond faster, providing contextual alerts that group affected resources with detailed remediation steps.
Security at The Pace of DevOps
Block vulnerabilities in container images and infrastructure-as-code templates pre- deployment with Cloud Optix. Seamlessly integrate Sophos security and compliance checks at any stage of development to maintain the pace of DevOps without introducing threats into production environments.

Centralized security:

Cloud security can provide the functionality of traditional IT security while letting customers enjoy the advantages of cloud computing securely and privately. As the cloud centralizes apps and data, the cloud provider can centralize protection and streamline its monitoring process. It’s also easy to perform recovery as the cloud provider can manage everything from one place.

Reduced costs and manpower:

The cloud eliminates the need to buy and manage dedicated hardware.

Reliability and convenience:

With cloud security measures in place, cloud customers can safely access their data and apps wherever they are or whatever gadget they use.

Our pricing options

We have a few pricing options to suit any size company

Block Hours
A tried and tested method of contracting IT services. Infraplex can assess how many critical of hours your environment requires. Hours not used in one month can be carried forward. Infraplex will regularly assess the requirements to ensure you’re paying just the right amount.

Per Device
Allows you to choose the assets for which you require either Premium, Essential or Ad-hoc support.

Per user
Cover your users, including all their devices.

Select a combination of the above services to suite either by location, department or across your entire organisation