What is a Vulnerability Scan?

Vulnerability Scans involve performing a comprehensive scan throughout your system to detect any security vulnerabilities that could be detrimental to the health and safety of your virtual landscape.

Vulnerability scans run through your businesses entire operating system to ensure that from end point to end point your system is covered and safe. Once a Vulnerability scan is performed and the weak points are detected, we can then implement a firewall to compensate for the weak spots. If your system however is already covered by a firewall, we can always make adjustments to the firewall settings to ensure that the capabilities of a firewall has been implemented to perform for your system correctly.

Vulnerability scan


The most important feature of a system vulnerability scan is the coverage that it provides. It is essential when performing a vulnerability scan that your entire system is covered to ensure that all vulnerabilities are detected.


Automated scanners can provide the flexibility to do frequent scans. This is a huge productivity boost to businesses to ensure, they can get more detailed evidence and false-positive checks when in doubt before assigning the reported vulnerability to a Infraplex to fix.

Remediating Reports

Vulnerability scanning reports are vital. They offer a better overview of the security status of your assets and share detailed information about the identified vulnerabilities. The reporting features highlights how many scans were completed, how many loopholes were identified, and remediation action that you can take to address most of the risks.

Helping you stay on top of cyber hygiene

Vulnerability scanning is frequently used by hackers to help identify weak targets. Our managed vulnerability scanning service will help you to stay on top of cyber hygiene and avoid giving hackers an easy way to compromise your organisation.

Supplying actionable remediation guidance

For each vulnerability scan conducted, Redscan’s experts produce a clear and easy to understand report that describes the vulnerabilities discovered, assesses the business impact and provides actionable and prioritised remediation guidance.

Reducing the strain on in-house teams

Scheduling regular scans as well as analysing their outputs can be time and resource-intensive. A vulnerability management service alleviates the strain of undertaking these activities in-house and enables your in-house team to focus on addressing vulnerabilities rather than discovering them.

Our pricing options

We have a few pricing options to suit any size company

Block Hours
A tried and tested method of contracting IT services. Infraplex can assess how many critical of hours your environment requires. Hours not used in one month can be carried forward. Infraplex will regularly assess the requirements to ensure you’re paying just the right amount.

Vulnerability Scan

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