What is fibre internet?

Fibre internet, is a reliable, valuable internet connection provided to you over fibre optic cable sending information at the speed of light.

Fibre Internet is the latest change to the way data is transferred around the globe. It’s much faster than cable, way faster than dial-up, and can carry large amounts of data in a single line, often reaching multiple terabits of data transfer fairly easily.

Infraplex has a range of both fibre to the home and fibre to the business package offers available for you.

Fibre Internet



Fibre optic Internet is faster than the highest speed copper Internet connections. Fiber also provides users with much faster upload and download speeds (symmetric speed) than other types of connections so your data is sent much more quickly over fiber networks.


Fiber optic cables make the most secure connection for your data. Wireless and copper lines can be compromised. Since fiber networks don’t radiate signals, it’s nearly impossible to hack into or tap.

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Uptime and data transmission are very consistent and constant with fiber lines and switches. This means fiber connectivity gives you the most reliable Internet service around.

Consistent Signal

Fiber optic Internet signal strength stays consistent over distance while DSL or copper signals can degrade. Large businesses, organizations or building complexes are great candidates for strong and consistent Internet signal strength because of this.

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