What is DSL?

Digital Subscriber Line – works with copper cable and offers high-speed connectivity, as opposed to older technologies, such as dial up internet that worked through a landline with a modem.

The digital line subscriber element simply refers to the internet running over the phone line.



Data transmission channel.

Where the user’s information will be sent to the Internet (upload).

Data reception channel.

Where the information will be received from the Internet (download). It will be the widest of the three channels.

Regular telephone service channel.

Where the telephone calls will be transmitted.


High-speed Access.

High-speed access which enables easy net surfing and fast streaming contents access.

Reasonable flat-rate price.

Unlimited Internet access under a flat-rate price.

Always-on connection.

Real-time information access through always-on connection.

VoIP service.
Simultaneous phone and Internet.

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