What is a Domain?

Domain name is the address of your website that people type in the browser URL bar to visit your website.

In simple terms, if your website was a house, then your domain name will be its address.


Your domain matches your brand name

Your domain name should be consistent with your brand name. This makes your website easy to find and reduces any friction in the process. People searching for you online should be able to assume your domain name by hearing your brand name.

Confirm It’s Easy to Spell and Say

Your domain name should be easy to spell and say. There should be comfort in telling friends about your domain name. And they should be able to hear it and know how it’s spelled.

It’s Short Enough, but Accurate

Your domain name should be as short as possible. Because it’s easier to share, remember and talk about.

Connect with your market

A high quality domain name name enables you to speak directly to your specific corner of the market by setting more precise expectations regarding what your business has to offer. This saves you –  and your customers –  time and enables you to connect with them clearly and quickly.

Control your brand

If you don’t secure your preferred business domain name, you run the risk of somebody else purchasing it and losing control of your brand. Even if you’re not sure you’ll want to use it, buying a domain name for your business benefits you by ensuring that no one else can secure your name and potentially take you customers (or even maliciously damage your reputation). For example, if you’re the proprietor of Holly’s Handbags, you’ll want to have a domain as similar to Hollyshandbags.com as possible.

Be remembered and get found online

A domain name helps you stand out and be memorable. Having a site with a ‘.blog’ before your name doesn’t exactly help customers find you in a quick search and makes it hard to remember your business’s URL. Buying a domain name can help you solve this problem and ensure your clients remember you and can find you whenever they need.

Domain Registration and Renewal Costs

.co.za           R121,13

.com            R259,13

.info             R397,12

.org.za         R359,79

.biz              R366.46