File your tax returns safely this tax season with Infraplex and Sophos.

Its almost tax season and time to file your tax returns with SARS.

SARS has created a simpler way of filing online, however it has opened up an opportunity for cyber criminals to attack and try and steal your personal information as well as your tax refund.

Cyber criminals will use any angle to target you. It could be through fake email addresses, familiar fake email accounts with dangerous attachments and short URLs sent to you in an email.

Fake email accounts are created with an personal information such as telephone numbers to attempt to fool you. Ensure that you do not give any private information over the phone either as attempts have been noted from criminals impersonating SARS employees to attempt to recieve your personal information.

Infraplex partnered with Sophos are committed to protecting consumers from cyber attacks. We offer state of the art firewalls to protect from any cyber intrusion attempt.

These are just some of the features on a Sophos firewall:

Advanced Threat Protection:

Identifies bots and other advanced threats and malware attempting to call home or communicate with
command and control servers.

Compromised System Detection:

Identifies infected systems on your network.

Compromised System Isolation:

Use firewall rules to isolate compromised systems until they can be cleaned.


Protects against zero day threats by sending potentially harmful files to the cloud sandbox to be detonated and observed in a safe environment.

Web Protection:

Provides protection from web based malware, compromised websites, and web downloads.


Scanning Provides visibility into encrypted web traffic to protect the network against threats that can be transmitted via HTTPS.


Anti-Spam and Anti-Phishing Stops spam, phishing, and other unwanted email from being delivered to employees’ inboxes.

Web Application Firewall:

Provides protection for servers and business applications exposed to the internet.


Sophos security is the best way to  keep you safe this tax season making your digital filing experience safe and secure, and also leaving you with the piece of mind not just on your tax filing but your entire online experience.

To learn more on how Infraplex can help you secure your online experience this tax season call us at 010 590 8856 or email