How WhatsApp’s new message editing feature will work

More information regarding the functionality of the popular chat platform’s planned message editing capability has been made available in a new update to the WhatsApp beta for Android.

Users will have 15 minutes to edit their message, according to a feature preview in the most recent Android beta (version, according to WABetaInfo.

If a text has been changed since it was first delivered, it will also include a “Edited” descriptor to the left of the message’s timestamp to let recipients know.

The receiver will see an altered message similar to what is depicted in the screenshot from WABetaInfo below.

The functionality has not yet been released to beta testers and is currently in development.

Therefore, it can still take some time until the WhatsApp app receives an official stable release.

It has taken a while for WhatsApp to allow users to modify texts.

The addition of the feature to the Android beta was originally mentioned by WABetaInfo in January 2017, when the operating system was only at version 2.17.26.

However, WhatsApp removed it from the beta, and the function was never included to the authorized apps.

It wasn’t until the end of May 2022 that it was officially announced as having resumed development for the Android, iOS, and desktop apps as part of a preview in the Android beta version

Currently, WhatsApp users cannot edit the text of a message; they must erase and redo it in order to make changes or explain their errors in a subsequent message.

Information sourced from Hanno Labuschagne, My Broadband

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