Infraplex can support you and employees working from home.

In these changing times, businesses have had to adapt to new ways of keeping you business safe and viable to run efficiently. To ensure that this transitions in your business migrate effectively, Infraplex has many resources to assist you through the process as well as maintaining you systems consistently for you.


Infraplex has a dedicated and informed support team available to assist you in setting up any of the requirements your business and employees have.

Mapping out your managed services

We pride ourselves on the extent of managed services we have to offer your business. everything you will need to make sure your employees stay secure, connected and accessible to you.


Secure VPN– the safe way to connect to your network from anywhere.

Web application firewall– Unmatched protection for web-based applications

Intrusion prevention– Protect your network from vulnerability exploits.

Cloud web security– Access control for online protection.



Domains– Registering your online presense

Hosting– Managing your cloud hosting environment for optimal performance

Cloud- managed backups– Protect information assets with automated cloud- based data backups.

Computing with Azure

Software licensing– Limiting your software license liabilities



Private ethernet– Securely transmit data between locations via your private network, all with a unified ethernet protocol from end to end.

Fibre– Your foundation for connectivity to the cloud.

Wireless– Optimal connections on the move.



Email services– Smart email solutions to keep you connected

Video Conferencing– Enable constructive conversations with cloud conferencing.

Microsoft Office 365– Share, talk and work seamlessly in one digital workspace.

Telephone services– VOIP systems to connect your business telephones, even while working remotely.


Your business needs are important and unique, that’s why Infraplex is dedicated to customising a plan to meet all your requirements.