Telkom raises mobile, fibre and DSL prices

Price increases have been announced by Telkom South Africa for fixed-line phone and broadband prices, as well as various mobile tariffs and services. The price increases will take effect on August 1, 2022.

“After Telkom’s commitment to assisting its consumers and businesses during the hardships suffered amid the Covid–19 pandemic, this will be the first pricing hike in nearly two years,” Telkom added.

“Telkom, like many other South African industries and businesses, has been impacted by these unplanned and unforeseen circumstances due to the strains of the tight limitations and poor economic recovery and growth.”

Telkom claims that the tariff modifications are necessary to alleviate cost pressures caused by the pricing freeze and current macroeconomic conditions.

All fixed voice calling plans, fiber-to-the-home, DSL, and Pure Connect products will face price rises from Telkom.

“As part of the tariff hike, we will adapt the ADSL 1Mbps and 2Mbps speed and pricing to the 5Mbps product, as the prior products are no longer accessible,” the business explained.

“With the price adjustment, customers will profit from the faster speed.”

Small- and medium-sized businesses will face price increases on most legacy product subscription fees, as well as business DSL and package offers.

There will be price rises on some mobile items as well.

Telkom’s Smart Broadband broadband portfolio and FreeMe mobile voice solutions, on the other hand, will remain unaffected.

“Out of bundle costs for mobile voice and internet services will, however, increase, resulting in an increase on most packages,” Telkom warned.

“Out-of-bundle voice prices will rise from R0.70 to R0.75 per minute, while data rates will rise from R0.30 to R0.32 per MB of data.”

Telkom consumer business CEO Lunga Siyo stated that the upcoming hike will allow the company to continue to provide good service to clients.

“Over the past two years, Telkom has stayed dedicated to its consumers with a price freeze in an effort to assist South Africans during the challenging times of Covid–19,” Siyo stated.

“With South Africa on the mend and Telkom’s dedication to its customers, we feel the increase is vital to continue our value-driven, high-quality product and service offerings to all of our valued subscribers,” Siyo added.

Information sourced from My Broadband

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