The development of WhatsApp “view once” messages

According to WABetaInfo, WhatsApp is developing a “view once” feature for messages that would let users send content that will be quickly destroyed after being read.

The capability will be useful for sending sensitive or confidential information.

The message cannot be forwarded or copied, just as the view-once photos and movies on the messaging platform.

Please be aware that WABetaInfo is unable to confirm if screenshots of view-once messages will be prohibited at this time.

Additionally, some third-party WhatsApp clients work around the platform’s security measures and prevent users from deleting messages that are disappearing. WhatsApp does, however, caution against permanently banning accounts that make use of such programs.

The most recent Android beta of WhatsApp is actively testing the feature.

The send button next to the chat bar will display a padlock to let users know they are sending a message that can only be read once for those who have access to the view-once text functionality.

The button’s look could change, and it’s unclear how users would switch between view-once and conventional messages at the moment, according to WABetaInfo.

Users who attempt to read a view-once message a second time receive an error notice stating that the text has expired and advising them to contact the contact to request a resend.

Although a release date for view-once messages is not yet known, its existence in the beta suggests that it will probably be included in a later update.

Information sourced from My Broadband, Myles Illidge.

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