Top list of known fake news sites

In today’s climate, the demand for news exposure coupled with sensation has led to an exceptionally high demand for sensational news pieces. This with the idea of subjective opinions thrown in to the mix has led us to a society where we cannot tell fake news from reality anymore.

It is important as citizens to know that the news articles we ready are factual, this is why it is important to know which news sources are credible or not. Below is a list of known fake news websites.

We feel it is important for us to share these sources with you to discourage the sharing of fake news stories that spread over social media, which can ultimately taint your ideals. We all have a right to stay informed as well as a responsibility to educate ourselves to ensure we only share news from credible news outlets.

Here is a list of both national and international websites that have been confirmed to be fake news.

SA Based Fake News Sites:

• African News Updates
• News24-TV
• Pretorialive

International Based Fake News Sites: (that are known to publish articles related to SA):

  • • [USA] • [USA] •
    • [USA] • [USA] • [USA] • [USA] •
    • [USA] • [USA] • CitySun [USA] •
    • [Bulgaria] •
    • – Gossip Mill Mzansi [USA] • [USA] • [USA] • [USA] • iMzansi [USA] • Live Monitor [USA] • [USA] • [Ukraine] • Mzansi LIVE [USA] • [USA] • [USA] • Mzansistories.inf [USA] •
    • [EU] •
    • [USA] • [Canada] • [USA] • [UK] • [USA] and Facebook Page
    • [USA] • [USA] • [USA] • [USA] • [USA] • [USA] • [USA] • South Africa Latest News [UK] • [USA] • [USA] • Southern Daily [USA] • [USA] •
    • [USA] • [USA] • [USA] • [USA] • [USA] • [USA] • [USA] • [USA] •

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